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At BSC Diecasting, we truly believe that it’s the quality of the casting – not the method of finishing – that makes the difference between a great finish and a satisfactory one. This is why we’ve developed an expertise in achieving perfect aluminium and zinc die castings. We apply the same logic to self colour castings as the cosmetic aspect is just as important as the dimensional and technical specifications.

BSC have spent more than 45 years refining our processes to deliver the best. Our experienced tool design service will guarantee the highest quality die-castings while minimising manufacturing costs. Our casting process utilises the latest technology to ensure your components are of the ideal chemical composition and the lowest porosity. In turn, we are primed for whatever coating your application requires. Our specialism in all types of coating means that your end product will be blemish free across the entire production run.

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We like to say that perfect finish demands a perfect casting – and this is as much an art as a skill. We are the only UK pressure diecaster that strives for blemish-free production, and we benchmark all our castings to BS Service Condition 4.


BSC is in a unique position of having its own finishing division in the form of associated companies. Midland Polishing and Plating Ltd & Global Metal Finishers Ltd both providing high quality, fast, efficient and cost effective polishing and plating


Our dedicated in-house facility offers the full range of services for both full tools and unit inserts. BSC experts consult early on to ensure that tool design is optimised for cost effective production and blemish-free castings.

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